Planning Services
Finsecpro offers consultancy on gate entry operations, processing customers, ensuring security and safety using walk through metal detectors, hand held metal detectors, x-ray machines, rubdown searching and searching of property, vehicles and aircrafts.

What is the right equipment for your needs?
Finsecpro can provide you with advice and guidance on any form of checkpoint security equipment.
You can also use our facilities to check if equipment planned is suitable for your needs.

Is your equipment sited correctly?
Finsecpro can provide expertise required to ensure correct use and installation of your equipment.

Do you have delays in security process?
Finsecpro will help you to pinpoint the problems and help you to find a solution to speed up the process.

Do you have delays processing mail/cargo?
Finsecpro will help you to design best solution for your mail and cargo screening needs.
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